Defining a man is not as male
Strength and responsibility come in mind
Head of a home and pride of society
The core of it is yet to be discovered by many
What should a man be like?

As I sit here having lived thirty years
I feel like it’s been two to three days of life
When I look at what I have done as a man
I look behind and struggle to see myself
What should a man be like?

Should money define who is a man?
Women want their own taste of a man
Children what a dad in the man
Parents need a son from the man
What should a man be like?

When am home I put up the weight alone
Courage I show for my son and wife
Hope for better days I promise and smile
But am weighed down and I can’t tell
What should a man be like?

I instill discipline and rules at home
But I break the same rule out here
I want time alone but that time is long gone
My brain can’t crack, no it can’t for their sake
What should a man be like?

I want to feel needed and show my emotions
But I can’t I have to be me hard, calm and sober
Are we not to share our stresses, I think?
Will she say I am weak when I open up?
What should a man be like?

I pretend and show off when I can
A picture here and there on social media
I need to match the part I tell myself
Level up to my peers and be admired
What should a man be like?

But when all is done and I step at my door
A shell of myself feel a small being
Sometimes it is my insecurities and anger I show
It hurts most those I care for and those who Love me
What should a man be like?

I know I’m still under construction
I will have hope and show love
I will be contended with my worth
I will stand up to my responsibilities
What should a man be like?

My part I will do to love and care for my people
I will submit and still be the head of my home
I don’t have to win all arguments I’m still head
I will ask for support where I need and still be happy
What should a man be like?

All this that I’ll be a perfect man for my flesh
Yes my flesh the woman who loves me
I will be a pillar she can depend on
A fortress she can run to for defense
What should a man be like?

I will be a perfect portrait for my children
Someone they will want to grow into
For all good values in life that are free
Love, Wisdom, Patience, Faith, and Honest
What should a man be like?

24 thoughts on “WHAT IS BEING A MAN?

  1. Indeed what a man is has long lived being mis interpreted. Without the core values like love, wisdom, patience, faith and honesty a man is not complete.

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  2. Nice article
    A man is a pillar to the family.His actions,reactions and everything he does may either ruin or make a family.Hence he should be submissive despite being the head and a problem solver and above all have the cores which build a perfect man like honesty etc

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  3. A man still under construction is Better when he himself knows that…Be a man you’d want your sister and daughter to get married..A man who will be a role model to their son…am man who heave. Rejoices when act and react to a situation…a man who is sensible…bottom line: He is under construction… So He is not perfect….
    That’s my thought…

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  4. A true definition of a man is layed by the character one posses, be an example of a good man both in a family set up and the society that if one asks how can I be a man, fingers are pointed at you coz your example suits perfectly to that definition. Let’s also find our identify in God that we may be Christ like men. Let’s focus on doing good to set good examples.

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  5. Wonderful piece Edward. May God help us that we may grow to be men who are dependable, responsible, loving and caring and person who understands their weaknesses and strengths and how to overcome their weaknesses…


  6. The man. Viewed from many angles depending on who is viewing you plus their angle of tilt from which they sit in your responsibility grid.
    But still,those before us are going into the earth, we are to be strong and show ourselves as men….

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  7. The MAN has a good sense of how demented and fragile everyone is. So he goes out of his way to reassure, to be forgiving and to be gentle. He has tried very hard, at times, to get things to work out better for himself but it frequently hasn’t worked but he knows it’s part of the seasons of life “he’s read the lesson”😂😂 So he keeps pushing . The MAN has known many sorrows, he has done stupid things, he has lost people he loved, he has made wrong decisions but he is good enough to own them and say SORRY. His weaknesses have made him immensely generous to others and strong to face the storms that are coming .

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