Dear Daughter

You have been under my care just but for a short while
I have been there when you succeed and fail
But that is not all in life, you do well in education
And have good morals and a clear conscience
There things I need you to know about living

Like a beautiful flower, you have blossomed
You just starting life, dear daughter
No book written will guarantee you happiness
Your decisions will cause you both pain and pleasure
Know these facts about living, do not be innocent

Never be afraid to doubt yourself and your worth
Don’t allow what they say to hit you and doubt yourself
Even when you lose do not give up on yourself
Know you are beautiful and do not shy from your insecurities
Know these facts about living and be protected

I pray you been firm, steadfast and focused for life
Build up yourself to not be thrilled with good looks
Give yourself time to see through and prove what is honest
Do not be fast to judge or settle for less in your days
These are laws I need you to know about existing

True love does not come easy and it is not a bed of roses
You often ask yourself how will I know he is the right one
I tell you this not in a week, not in a month but you will
Give it time don’t crush on his first impressions
These are the facts I need you to know about reality

Certainly, consider this regarding men, they pretend
If you are easy they will pretend just to get a piece of you
Knowing this give yourself time to prove them
Not proof of material things or word of mouth
These are the facts I need you to know about men

Because if you settle for material things he will know
And what you will lose is more than what money can buy
So know him beyond how he looks and dresses
Know his character, action and reaction, anger and passion These are significant facts about gentlemen

To know a man who is honest true and dedicated to you
He is not after your body always praising your mountains
Always wanting to be in close doors with only you
Be aware of how he can put you in temptation and flee
These are significant realities about gentlemen

Because in sex dear daughter he gains and you lose
Yes you lose a part of you that gold cannot purchase
That you will never regain, just so to please him
And go back home to cry on your pillow alone
These are meaningful facts about gentlemen

Because he will not call you back to check on you
He will be with his guys celebrating his victory
You will not be worth his time or money or love
He will be on to his next victim, dear daughter know this
These are meaningful facts about gentlemen

Preserve yourself don’t give in easily, the end of it is dark
Yes dark, lonely and painful, a feeling you should desist
Don’t be naive, be knowledgeable and keen on him
Be a good judge of character and know his true intentions
These are important truths, do not be vulnerable

To know his character know also his friends
A man’s friends shape how he sees life
Also how he relates with you if he is not firm
They will influence his good and bad decisions
These are notable facts about men’s friends

Get to know his past life, my dear daughter
Is he still stuck in his past or does it haunt him?
Because a man who always looks back will be troubled
He will have little time for you as his past will need some
These are important facts about a man’s past

Judge and see how of a priority you are to him
Are his friends more important to him than you?
Do they influence him to do good for him and you?
Can he sacrifice time with them for your relationship?
These are realities you should know about him

He should hold you with high standards
Guard you like a beautiful city of his pride
He should be present in all your milestone
Am saying he should be constantly committed
This is a kind of man you should hold on to

Committed throughout even when it does not seem like
Constantly focused on your goals as a couple
One who sees good, emotionally powerful with no pride
One who can listen to you and understand you
Hold on to this one dear daughter

Hold on to him don’t let pride destroy your path
Have precepts that guide you throughout your courtship
Know and understand your both equal in life
But he is superior in responsibilities than you are
In this life be there for each other, protect yourselves

Show him respect and love him more every day
Be that smile and peace to motivates him always
Know that life is not a straight line throughout
Through the turns hold each other walk together
He also needs someone to lean on

Am not guaranteeing happiness here, dear daughter
Though life will have ups and downs and be rough
These will guide you to safeguard your heart
To achieve what you deserve at best in love and living
Also be humble, caring, understanding and loving

40 thoughts on “Dear Daughter

  1. Wow this has got me this time. I need a minute to internalize it first. Thanks for saving our little hearts. A great piece
    Regards Edward

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  2. This is awesome ❤ I tell you i have kept on reading and re-reading and hoping I will keep this in my archive for my future daughter…it is an eye opener that precision of softness in its wording that touches the inner most part of any soul.

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  3. Such a nice piece …
    a 15 years old me had no idea on what to look for, it took time, but with this piece the youngsters can read and understand
    Good work 😍

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  4. Beautiful piece. Worth the read and full of parental counsel of a father to his daughter. May God bless you Edd.
    Looking forward to more reads.

    Liked by 1 person

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