Dear Son

Dear Son, like a charming prince you have grown up,
Mother has cared for you and I have disciplined you
It warms our heart to know we gave you our best
Obstacles existed from within and without that shaped you
You were a boy and a dependant, now a young man

Your upbringing was not the best or close to perfect
But to go through life you need wisdom more than strength
You need love and peace of mind, manhood is emotional
Above all the success you will have in life, consider this
Choose wisely whom you will spend your life with

So guard your mind for out of it comes wisdom and instruction
Likewise, guard your heart for out of it are the issues of life
Fear The Lord and be knowledgeable, hear the instruction of your father
Be a man of understanding and forsake not the law of your mother
Guard your body also, do not be conformed to the world

You will need her to be pure, but also be spotless
Purity not only in sex but also avoid alcohol and drugs
They are not the best companions in living
They will corrupt your best state of mind and blind you
Be pure in your thoughts, actions and the company you keep

Bad company corrupts good morals and impair your judgment
Know this son, in your areas of life you will consult so be wise
Abstain from friends with no values and who can be bought or sold
Friends who are afraid to correct you and do not stand for what is right
Let your company be of men that are blunt, true, honest and incorruptible

Also, beware of your act with women as you embrace manhood
It does not just go away when you marry the perfect one
Your body and hormones will rise, consider how you act
Best of all let your mind be above and in control of your body
Know and understand what it means to love and care for someone

Love is not about beauty, selfishness and pride, Dear Son
Good looks, beauty and sexy bodies fade as we age
Love the person, her character, honesty, and humility
Know what drives the woman, how does she view life?
Know her strength and weaknesses to understand her

They were all created differently, so do not just see and decide
Search and discover that she has loves and respect for you
That she believes in you and see your potential as a man
She should be a knowledgeable woman who will develop you
When she submits to your care, guide her in love son

A woman not be driven by money and material things?
Who values herself not measured by fashion or current trends
Because Son, a good woman is hard to find,
She is worth far more than diamonds, trust her without reserve
Her hands are kind and her work is of excellence

A woman who understands power and still has humility for you,
One who will kill pride and submit to her responsibilities for you,
A joyful woman always peaceful and your years will be many
One with a tongue of wisdom and a mouth to always teach love
She will be a bundle of blessings for your days on earth

But know this son, you have to measure up with her,
She will not take less than she deserves, you know why?
Though one maybe be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
Be patient with one another, do everything in love and kindness
Be completely humble and gentle, bearing with one another in love

Learn always to forgive one another, dear son
This is a constant medication for lovers
To love one another is to forgive one another
Say sorry even when she has offended you son
Show her it is relevant to you that she is always blissful

Yes you will be the head, it does not mean deciding everything
Without love she will not submit, love her and your days will be joyful
As head yes you guide in love but also listen to her, she will have appeals
Do not be hard-hearted like our fathers, make her happy, hold her hand
Do not worry, when she cannot get enough, they were created not to

I still say love her for she is your flesh, care for her as you do yourself
For no man hated his own flesh but nourishes and cherishes it
He who finds a wife finds a good thing and stops looking
Build up your relationship and be committed to it
Grow old together in one mind and success is guaranteed

21 thoughts on “Dear Son

  1. Very very nice Edu.. Me I’ll tell my son this piaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ “Son, some days you will feel like you are a sham, a fake. You will feel that if people knew the real you they would be shocked, or they would really like you or whatever… Son, everybody is pretending. Or put another way they are presenting masks to the world. Everybody constructs this persona they want the exterior world to see. But for you go out for what is yours ,with the real you.. REAL YOU..remember your character is defined by that which you do when no nobody’s watching. That which you hide defines you. Compete with no one son. Don’t try to dance better than anyone else. If you must compete, try to dance better than yourself.

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