Dear Dad

Dear Dad, you loved and cared for me
Growing up you my hero,
Sitting on your lap, learning from you, All the best memories I can only imagine.
I would never choose another dad.

Thank you Dad, You took me to school, I have an education, not the best but the best you could offer.
Oh! I remember the discipline,
They shaped me to be morally upright.

Dear Dad am all grown up now, fending for myself,
Supporting my family too and am in a position like yours
Now I understand you Dad.
I experience what you went through.

Now I understand the lows we had in our family,
Now I understand you were only human in marriage.
That the struggle and separations were part of being human.
I was searching for an excellent Dad unknowingly,
Now I understand.

Now I understand your culture had an impact, The constant conflict between belief, culture, and faith.
There are times you lost hope in faith and culture was no solution too.
I understand your struggle to be a flawless Dad for us,
It slashes my heart and I cry, but I understand.

I understand the impact of change that you had to adopt for our sake,
That losing your business and everything was not easy.
You would always smile and we never knew the difficulties you went through,
The late and long hours away from us but for our sake.
Even in your failures, we came first, our safety was your priority.
All these thoughts make me love you more dad.

You were the Head of our family even when you could not provide.
The times mum stepped in and your ego was never significant,
A kind of love and submission all through your marriage life.
I understand this cause sometimes I get my self in this position.
Now I understand the duty of being a man and to guide a family.

Thank you for loving mum, through the pain, in health and sickness and in wealth and poverty,
Your example gives me strength, hope, and courage in marriage.
Now I know what it is to love a woman,
All those lessons I reflect upon and appreciate your life.

Fathers cannot always be perfect, sometimes they leave,cannot be there for us, or are violet
As children, we can never fully understand their failures,
They owe it to us but whatever happened should not impair our vision in life.
Our relationships can still work out despite what they did to us.
We look to our fathers as superheroes but they are just human like us, Now I Know!

14 thoughts on “Dear Dad

  1. Very powerful mazee .
    I have a dad too who gives me hope when everything appears to be dark , a man who lifts my spirits when life doesn’t make sense and you know the most interesting part.. Many times he doesn’t teach me how to live…shocking right… Naaah ..he does this😂😂 he just lives and let’s me watch and I do exactly what I see…interesting…so today the life I live is what I saw a man live.
    God bless Rosasi snr.

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  2. “It tears my heart and I cry, but I understand.”
    Dear Dad indeed, thanks Edu for this piece. Quite a reflection here. Thanks to all the Dad’s.

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  3. Being a fathers day… i’d say as a son we see n learn from our dads without asking questions. As we age day by day we get to know and understand the decisions that are made by our fathers.
    I love dads because at some point the are really hard on us and see them as dictators but is for our good.
    Edu thats a powerful piece…

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  4. Dear Dad …a piece befitting a father. Those times when life was difficult ,when he list his job and mum stepped in…..dear dad. Thanx Edward very nice piece. Wish he too was alive.

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