A feeble being lived an impotent life,
What runs a person through seasons of life?
It has been a constant question,
Burning deep down in the corners of my heart.

I never believed in demons,
Until the character I own manifested,
My creations are so unbelievable,
The source is within but unknown to me.

I impaired my beloved,
I was never good at anything,
Chained in my guilt,
I never confronted my reality

My avenue was vulnerable,
I served miscarriage,
I was alien to self,
I was unacquainted talent.

When I lived like a swine,
When my pleasure was but pain to others,
When I acted in the darkness of my secrets,
Without the slightest bit of emotion.

I could never earn your heart,
But you kept me close.
Your Love was faithful,
I was just but an evildoer.

In my winter of life, in solitary.
I cannot start all over again,
No memories to hold close to my heart,
What can I do?

I have lived not to be remembered,
What can I do?
Like day time, life has been short,
Now it’s dark, what was I to do?

3 thoughts on “ambience

  1. Some times we do what we did not want to do…..WE see our selves as losers……But there is hope for us because him who is in us is greater than anything/anyone else

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