Lord! my faith feeble, chaotic and random.
My belief like bubbles is blown side to side.
My strength is lifeless as lost hope of your promises.
My heart lost in darkness stopped beating for you.

My guilty chocking breathe out of me.
I will whisper with my last for rescue.
I cannot escape these chains.
Come and save me I have nothing left.

I am hopeless, life is not in me.
Like a stray goat void of discipline.
A lazy prince blind to his heritage.
Come and quench this thirsting of my soul.

Pull me out from this flesh of sin.
Plug me with blood from Emmanuel’s veins.
To charge my heart for Your service.
To Your unconditional love that created all life.

The Love that overcomes my fears of the world.
That is more than logic for my disbelief.
A reason for Your nailing at the cross.
I am desperate for an experience with You.

My Lord! The world has scared my heart grey dead.
My lips cold cannot speak your word.
My pupil exploded, Your light is but dusk.
It left me lifeless my energy drained in soil by every step in life.

Give faith to my atheism.
Give aspiration to my feeble faith.
Perfect your image in me.
Be to me the creator of the universe.

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