Character or reputation what remains genuine?
Not the corruption in life as I see it around me.
Not the trends or lifestyles of fame with no emotion.
What am I made of? What is my origin?
I am a strand of wheat in the vastness of the prairies.

Everyone lives striving to be clubbable,
What should be the melody to my eyes and ears?
Is my beauty soothing to my soul?
Is everything just appearances? We see to love or to hate.
When the heart of the world is broken, can I be modest?

I see them getting all the golden prime time.
The results like broken parts of ghosts falling off to nothing.
False prestige, zero character no devotion.
Men and women captive, crushed on and lusted after.
Hearts blindly greedy for desire.

Coloured bodies are more fashionable.
Body piercing of nose, tongue, belly, etc.
The silence is in their souls, hope is fake.
Drugged with no self-awareness furthermore consciousness.
This can’t be the clarity of happiness.

I come with a flow that appears to have a sense of where it is going.
It is a divine inspiration to love me, an art proof of love.
Was created noble and decent I can prove it.
My courage is from God to break out and never to stray.
My hope neither fails, falter nor dies.

My pages manifest freedom from vulnerability.
I am boundless cannot compete for attention.
I am humble and still commands respect.
I am confident with a very high self-regard.
I am the scripture you want to read.

When everyone minds the outside.
My spirit will not be moved nor my honor.
I will admire more than what mirrors give.
I will reveal my persona not my bombshell.
I soar above the storm, my best version to live.

I am a blissful blossom.
I am a delightful attraction.
I am a gem of wonderful joy.
I am Love itself.

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