No, it’s not the end of the line for me.
I am burning out but not fading away.
I can sleep on an empty stomach.
My blood is still warmer than the outside cold.
If I stop hoping I freeze dead broke.

My dreams will blossom tomorrow.
I love life though what falls on my retina says otherwise.
My mentality is as powerful as the heart and spirit of a poet.
Though today my clothes feel thinner.
My resilience is not limited to my thin pocket.
My will power forever prevail.

Not ashen, I can afford a glass of water.
My face gaunt but my future fired up.
Time is plenty for every man to accomplish his efforts.
I will not give in to social pressure.
A plane is a means of transport,
What it’s not is success.

Go to school, get an education, the fact is;
Employment is a short term solution.
I will not be a slave to the rat race.
I will not allow my desire to bring me to poverty.
I will use my emotions to free my mind.

I do not live to pay bills and die.
My empty pocket irritation is alive,
It’s not my greatest stressor.
Depressed, no! Not when I can choose and control my satisfaction.
In my dreams I can hear the sound of my Chevy.

How does financial status affect our thinking?
The greatest thing about money is that it is fictional.
So for a creative mind there are endless solutions not to be broke.
Comprehend the difference between pricelessness and worthlessness.
What do we owe each other for unconditional love?

Money is a declaration of power,
Power is a manifestation of fear,
Having money is not freedom from fear.
A society obsessed with financial status, power and vanity crumbles.

3 thoughts on “BUBBLED HAND

  1. Wooow yeeees. Lifesparts is really helping me in my daily endevours. Thanks Edsward. That was so powerful actually the last paragraph

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