The Author

You can create and are a boundless source of new possibilities.
Time never stops so create talents that can fix your subject matter, this world.
Pages of life are never blank even when our lives are without a breeze.
Our reality both success and failure are experienced to their fullness.
Our emotional strength and our most depressing moments too.

The best trust can be alive in your relationships.
Trust is a responsible freedom without chains of doubt.
It’s caring for the core of the heart of each other.
It’s an agreement of oneness in mind and action.
Perfected with time and experience together.

Belief is core to be human, the truth of which defines our individuality.
If we cannot believe we get lost without meaning and purpose.
Believe in what you can be to get through your tough times.
Believe in the dreams you have and make them a reality.
Your certainty; positive or negative.

Our identity tainted, not even our mothers have control over.
The environment takes its toll on us and we still push on in our diversities as a united human race.
Childhood trauma never gives up on us in our adulthood.
We recreate our identity brick by brick, over and over adapting then time just stops.
Know your habits and tame them, what you accept you receive.

Your body is a machine that creates energy and force at your disposal.
‘Garbage in garbage out’ is a life rule not only for data analytics.
Whatever you do to your brain yo do to your body, spiritual, emotional and physical.
Health is wealth and your brain owns your body.
Exercise it as a muscle and your potential is limitless

You are the author of what you live and love.
Create your inspirations and break down your problems.
The decisions you make are like your hand’s painting.
The results are the final product of your work.
You got the power, beneath that pressing spirit that you have more than often ignored.

Our thinking cannot be any better than our actions.
Our thoughts cannot be any better than our understanding.
“A freeman looks at life as a series of his creations and as his heart embraces the beautiful spot along his way he braces himself to withstand his blurry fades of the next episode that shines its rays deep within”

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