Your voice was soft as a kitten and radiant as the sunrise.
You spoke with kindness to command, correct and commend.
I loved to hear your golden words “I Love you son.”
These are the treasure tanks of your words of wisdom.

The world will want to enslave you, son.
Have the soul of a free man and do not be afraid to fail.
You are the strength of your parents never forget.
You are African and Kenyan but love knows no boundaries.
Take care of those you love and be of good cheer with a bold heart.

When you are tired eat something rest then resume, it’s called metabolism.
There are no chores for masculine or feminine.
When life serves you lemons take them and make lemonade.
Carry with you a strong will and desire to achieve and you will never give up in life.
Be a step ahead always, because what you believe you get.

Poverty went to no school but it bullies the schooled.
Do not allow it close to you, it can come through your desires or a friend.
Sometimes it can be a beautiful lover whose urge you want to gratify.
Remember your worth and increase your wealth.
Health is wealth money cannot buy and faith is a medicine for the mind.

Happiness is free and gold cannot buy peace of mind.
Treasure the simple free virtues of life and be a man of good deeds.
Work and free yourself of any pain that life pushes to you.
Educate your brain not only in academics but also in life’s lessons.
Because son Algebra and Murphy’s law never cured depression.

You are my fulfillment and a work of art I thank God for.
You will always be in my prayers son so I make sure you flourish.
Whomever you meet with let them know your creator and your Mama.
My role have I executed with love and care, Lord knows that.
Discipline also to keep you, lest you too go astray.

Do not be a friend to anger and focused on negativity.
These ruin and destroy in seconds what was built for years.
Take time to think and process your decision.
I will not always be around for good mental health.

Mama! as a child and even in my adulthood, I remember you as an everyday aga.
The moments of affection that build the foundation of who I am today.
How you made me smile from toe to lips, you were my superhero.
Your voice still babbles happily like a mountain river.
Long live Mama!

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