Your Modern Preacher

Who can know the heart? Out of it are the issues of life.
The heart is deceitful above all other things
Desperately wicked, feeble and lascivious.
But again from their actions, you will know them.

Passionate for self fame, to top the world.
They know no faith but focused on what the eyes can see.
Glory and all honor to the work of their hands.
Fighting for their ego and orthodox production of miracles.

Their speech is sore and full of dry scriptures.
They cannot love where they cannot eat
Trading souls for money in the house of God.
They shape the word to fill up their belly and pockets.
Hearts of men are misled hidden from the face of God.

They distort God’s message to His people.
Branding themselves with big names.
Pride leadership, not a servant to the calling.
Conforming to the world in all ways.
Their language is dirt cannot give life or lift hope.

Their path is complex trying to balance life and gods.
To bless they believe is their right.
They bring people to themselves, not to Christ.
Money is their benchmark not winning souls.

They are human as we are,
Sometimes broken and lost as we are.
They do not live for a higher purpose than us.
The sorry thing is they think we are beneath them.

They travel the world collecting their followers.
Asking them to bow before them.
Walking on their bodies or special paths.
The de la cream on earth cannot touch the poor sinners.
It disgusts me cause they are human like us.

And these lost sheep who heed to them blindly.
Believing their destiny can only be found at the preacher’s mercy.
Closing their hearts to the voice of Christ.
Attending a preacher how they should attend God.

They serve a phobia known to the world and all humans.
They use fear of demons to command worship from their followers.
Scared and weak, blind to the power of Christ they oblige.
This is blasphemy, search and know the true power is from God.

Power is not given through any other preacher.
Let your faith raise and receive power through Christ.

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