How Can I Be?

When my blunders are always a present,
When my reference are people graver than me,
How can I be free of this?
No happiness or joy,
No love but hate in my soul.

A betrayer, a thief, and a liar
An outcast among those who call you friend,
How do I believe in what we are?
What I said and did always haunting me.

The best of us is just but a glimpse,
Moments that fade away like seconds,
Nothing is permanent, I am always off your presence,
How can I find my identity?

You say you love me,
When my acts are of the unlovable,
You say we are my strong,
When all I have to offer are weaknesses,
You say we are,
When I cannot trust your promises.

Free me from my past,
Today will be yesterday.
Tomorrow will be today.
I will always be aware of my actions.
Make the best out of my present.

4 thoughts on “How Can I Be?

  1. How can I be? The persona feels down most of the time despite all the highs. I’m sure at one point in life we’ve been through such a feeling. A feeling of complete loss, even despite all else being well. And still, how can I be?🤔

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