How Do You See?

There is something about being African or Black,
Some love it, some despise it,
Even in our land, we rise against each other,
We have crossed boundaries and are well known in the world
But why do we always live trying to prove we are equal?

Life is not easy they always say,
And by so we have different wild experiences as we live.
We define normal and abnormal differently everywhere in the world.
Maybe because of wealth, culture, environment or colour.
One thing is basic we are all human, same blood and organs.

Born in the deserts of African or the oceans of America.
Born in the cold or Russia or the fighting in the Middle East.
Born in the jungles of Indians with the monks or oil coasts of Nigeria.
Born a prince of Swati or a price of Queen Elizabeth royalty.

Love in Africa is still love anywhere else in the world.
Colour, black or white or yellow, to Love is still Love.
Love knows no colour, it’s perfect and clean of racism.
Love is the acknowledgment of equality, we are the same.
Our diversities are just but a part of nature, not for benchmarking.
The world all over faces the challenges though different.

A rich man in England is still a rich man in Botswana.
A black man sleeping hungry is still the same as a german sleeping hungry.
Struggling unemployed youths are the same in any colour.
A drug addict whether black or white is still addicted.
Victims of rape are all traumatized whether raped by white or black.

This life has obstacles for all levels of living.
The rich, poor, black or white, even royalty has its challenges.
Feed your mind and heart with values that know no borders.
Values that cost nothing to earn but time and practice.
Love, Wisdom, Discipline, Faith, Hope, Happiness and Sharing.

Embracing these quality values brings the best in us.
A better leader in Africa can still lead anywhere in the world.
Good parents are good parents no matter the colour.
A perfect couple is perfect, whether a combination of different colours.
Good children are still good whether brought up in the Middle East or Royalty.
When it’s all said and done death is the last part of all living.

One thought on “How Do You See?

  1. The differences that exist are usually based on what society generally considers and paints as being better than the other. However, just like my brother Jesse, I’d say, the difference is the same😂 (I stand to be corrected). Thank you for bringing this to light.

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