There are days I have lived,
Days I know not seconds of,
That passed like a flash,
Like I was never alive.

Days I could have used,
To ameliorate myself,
To restore myself,
I would be my higher self now.

I wish I could go back,
To have the time in my hands,
To undo my past worst deeds,
To live with the knowledge I have now.

But the impossibility I know,
And my present is running so fast,
I do not know how to control time,
I know what to do but I don’t.

My present weighed down by weaknesses,
Like the best of me is just undesirable,
Like I have no energy to live,
And I know in future I will regret today.

I wish for a brighter future,
I wish for a more comfortable life,
I wish for my higher self,
I wish to be alive now how I could be in the future.

Wish is a theory in thought,
Wish makes me covet for what I have not,
Wish has no action and time stops not,
Wish is for the lazy persona.

9 thoughts on “WISH

  1. “…The impossibility I know….Wish is a theory in thought”

    I’ll say it again, “the best way to feel time is to write it.” So I know u feel it each time you do…. Nice piece bro Eduh๐Ÿ‘Œ

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  2. Edu,
    This lifesparts is deep man.
    How can time be Reversed?๐Ÿ˜ข or even speed up๐Ÿ˜ข this is one of the most painful things thatโ€™s that occurs in our lives because we have to face the reality.
    this is so deep man. tears roll down open eyes When we reflect what we have lost or what we may not even have even though our wishes are to have them.

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  3. Wish is a regret of our past, we only act a certain way thinking is the right way only to get to the future to regret our past.
    We get lost on this pilgrimage because we dont have people to guide us n tell us of the future but this powerful piece comes in handy n warning us to be careful on the decisions we make now. Remember pride comes before a fall then we start wishing. Let time not catch up with you. We are not products of circumstances but products of the choices we make now.
    Thanks @Edward

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  4. Thanks Edward,
    Many of us experience this feeling of time flying by without us getting a grip on it and regretting the time not spent well in the past. You have managed to capture that feeling very accurately.
    Wish is for the lazy persona. However, dreaming is important! Active dreaming that is…the type that inspires to take action!
    And regret is not a very useful emotion. Looking back and learning lessons is good, but beyond that regret just creates negative energy that stands in the way of taking action.
    You are exactly where you are meant to be today, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. And everything so far has supported you to be here and to be ready and take action for the future you dream off!

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  5. “….But the impossibility I know,
    And my present is running so fast,
    I do not know how to control time,
    I know what to do but I donโ€™t……”

    I’m touched of how lifespart are so rough in some days and what hurts, time can never be reversed for amendments on the ruined walls of life. ” I know what to do but I don’t…….”

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