Imagine the whole universe on one paper,
To behold every bit of the universe that exists,
The hours it would take to be perfect,
Imagine it was the hand of God and His signature.

Imagine the best instruments that are yet to exist,
The sound of God, what marvelous peace?
What joy it would be to our spirit?
What power we will behold and learn from.
Imagine sitting in an audience as God presents.

Imagine decay, all your body organs shutting down,
When all help has fled and you cannot feel anything but death,
Then you are at the hands of the healer of the world,
With whose pronouncement all sickness flee,
Would you not do your part to believe?

Imagine every default awful thing you do is equal to death,
Not just any death but nailing on the cross after painful strokes of a hooked leather whip,
All this in public and you almost naked.
Christ did that so we do not have to undergo that pain.

Imagine a love for those who do not deserve,
Above all compasion that finds you at any state,
This is of equal measure to everyone,
A love you cannot stop even when you run away.

Imagine Him as a Master and friend,
How implausible does that sound?
His grace runs deeper than we can ever imagine,
Enough to set us free. Imagine our good Lord!!

3 thoughts on “IMAGINE GOD

  1. …Imagine it was the hand of God and His signature…..”O for the love that won’t let me go”
    There’s a beauty here that I don’t understand why I am allowed to see. The birds here aren’t just one, they are both…. What a blessing to begin the week with. May more be added unto your understanding bro👌

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  2. Amen how great is His love to this weary soul, for His love runs deep and I feel a steering deep within me.
    Thank you for the peace it reminds of the love that ransomed me.

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