Politician Mkenya!

Our country as we know it on the map is a market,
It is shared with the most powerful getting the biggest of shares,
Not only the lands which the most powerful have their large share,
But also in all systems that support our daily living.

The challenges we go through are their opportunities,
Not for us to advance but for them to rule you more,
For us to depend on them and praise them for doing nothing.
Our challenges control our mindset.

We are true and passionate with praise and respect,
They are pretenders who conceal their true intentions,
They intimidate us and protect their reputation to death,
Any obstacle is crushed so they succeed.

The media is a friend to crush opponents and flourish their agenda,
Do not believe everything you see on the television or read in the papers and see on the internet,
These are people who profit from our downfall,
With every step of our loss, they gain immense wealth.

Power they use to protect what they have wrongfully acquired,
Power they use to direct resources to their backyards,
They form alliances to gain more control not to unite us,
Our misery they pay for so we forget for minutes what they should do right.

They are honest with what they do not care about,
A part of our hard work on national resources go directly to their pockets,
Their children reap for sowing nothing,
All systems are rigged to make sure we support their lavish lifestyles.

We are the prey like a chicken being shared on a market day,
From the electricity bills, we pay to the statutory deductions,
From your taxi ride to the milk you buy,
They define what we think freedom is.

Laws are not made for the masses but for the 2% who rule,
Policies are passed to fast track their agendas.
Do not be fooled we have a say in anything but that’s how they make it look,
We are never a scarce resource for them and it gives them more power.

We are the book they read other books for.
We are the firewood that warms their pockets.
We are the answers to their wild dreams.
We are the poor, illiterate majority.

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