December Days!

Ooh how time flies, it was just January the other day,
Days to weeks then months from seconds to minutes then hours.
The struggle for change is still on, as regret grows up.
I look back and I cannot account for all the time.

It’s said the older we get the wiser we become,
Where is the wisdom here, when a year is done,
I think the same, my challenges are still the same,
How do I measure my achievements?

I stop and think, why am I alive?
If I were a year old I would have no cares for the world.
But why is it the feeling I want when I am thirty?
To have a free conscious with no burden and responsibilities.

I wish to have my dreams come true,
But I am too lazy to work on them.
There is comfort in waiting for January to start afresh.
But time waits for no man.

Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.
It all starts from thought, decision then action.
But there is a power, a strength of the mind,
To stay the course and be firm with the choices we make.

The music that I sing is of hope and faith,
A music of single positive steps to my dreams,
I cannot trace all the steps but I will not focus the small faults.
But as a beautiful piece of art, it takes years to be realised.

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