Time Reflection

I have been in great heights,
High to the border of life and death,
Step forward is death and back is life,
Both are equally tempting.

When to react was so easy,
But thought should control,
Where loss was so easy,
But the profit was better.

Born an orphan dedicated to poverty,
I knew all I had to do is learn and solve,
Despised by society for what is normal,
But their words never created my present and future.

How I still hold together I do not know,
Through wrong decisions and failure,
Through a glimpse of success and little happiness,
But I prevail as my apologies are accepted.
What makes the things I love turn to mistakes?
What makes the sacrifices I make lovable?

Where emotions instruct anger,
But I chose a cool head,
And the pain directs kill!
But I decided revenge doesn’t fix me.

I have lived to reign,
Over fear and depression,
Over weakness and procrastination,
The power is in me.

I sow beyond the ability of hope.
I act beyond the vision of faith.

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