Truth Be Told

Lord, how do I get to you?
How do I feel your presence?
When My mind wanders all over?
I worry about today and what I do not have.

I know am broken but I cannot accept it.
I am a thief, a liar not a drunkard but a voluptuary,
My eyes are not innocent.
My flesh thirst for promiscuity.

My mind is strengthened in sin and how to sin,
I am not worthy to lead anyone to you,
I am not honest to myself,
My dark heart is known to you.

I act pure for the humans but rotten is my existence.
How do I find my higher purpose?
How do I step up and be next to you?
You are always next to me.

The world cannot let me go,
Where do I get the strength?
I cannot focus on you, I cannot pray and believe.
How do I figure myself out?

When I think about how;
I have crucified you again and again,
Of how I have betrayed your name,
Of how a curse I have been when all you did is bless me.
Of how I have continuously run away from you.
Of your love for sinners like me.

I am weighed down, my filth is ever before me,
How can I face you is my biggest obstacle,
How can I forget is my major worry,
How can I be righteous is my greatest fear.

If I were You, I would have given up on me,
I would have branded me beyond repair,
I would have labeled me a lost course,
But somehow You are always here.

“I am the only one who says I am fine but I am not am broken,
And when it is out of control I say it is under control but it’s not,
And You know it, I do not know why it’s so hard to admit it,
When being honest its the only way to fix,
There is no failure, no-fault, there is no sin You don’t already know.
So let the truth be told.” Matthew West.

5 thoughts on “Truth Be Told

  1. I totally relate with this article. Am in fear even though I want to grow spiritually because the world keeps pulling me towards it. Thanks for this article. Good work

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  2. Truth be told, most of us are victims. When we look at our lives, we feel like our ‘self righteousness’ has prevented us from growing spiritually. All we worry about is the outside image we are portraying: ‘the Christian’, while, truth be told, we’re rotten. And for sure it’s hard to live a double life. Thank you.

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