I am allowed.

I don’t walk in righteousness all the time,
I don’t pray as often as I should,
My spirit is fed only once a week.
But the will of God in me never stops.

It never changes and is always with me,
I may not qualify always,
I may wonder miles off,
But His will is always with me.

I may seek what I think is right,
But His protection is still with me,
I may curse and forget He exists,
But His will is that I prosper.

Even when I am accused by the devil,
I am still a son of God,
Even when I am backstabbed,
His will for me never changes.

The devil says I am worth death,
Even when the law required I die,
God sent His son on my behalf,
That I may not face eternal death.

I share this understanding,
For me never to forget,
For other never to doubt His will,
For all to know He is always present.

I am allowed to exist
I am allowed to prosper,
I am allowed to breathe,
Because it’s His will that I do.

5 thoughts on “I am allowed.

  1. I’m beginning to think that it’s only GOD who can love unconditionally. His love is the kind that pursues. It’s like that love that Hosea had for his unfaithful wife. Thanks dad for the reminder.

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