Love Questions!

Who creates love?
Is it hormone-driven?
Is it in soft or hard copy?
What do we tell ourselves about love?

Is it just saying I love you?
Is it just kissing and holding hands?
How reassuring are the words when spoken?
They are just words like any other.

Is it a sacrifice?
To suffer for a course?
To be emotionally hurt?
To be jealous and secretive?

At what age do we love?
At what age do we understand the different types of love?
How do we distinguish how we love?
What perfection does each love demand?

When do we finally come to a conclusion?
To make that permanent decision?
To love and to hold on?
What changes in our mind that we never change who we love?

How much forgiveness proves it?
How much persistence ensures it?
What acts of desire makes it evident?
What cannot be done in the name of love?

Love is dynamic.
It needs a level of maturity.
To be taken care of; to grow and blossom.

6 thoughts on “Love Questions!

  1. A certain elder told me once that love is the ability to continue staying affectionately when the love is cold and long gone. It didn’t make sense but come think of it our parents are still together 20-30 years in marriage, how are they able to do it? Now thats love.
    But as Dad you have laid all those questions about love, we still don’t understand it.

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  2. This is so timely, coming in just a few weeks after Valentine’s day 😂😂. Nevertheless, I’m just gonna ponder about the questions, which by the way, I’m assuming we’re rhetorical.
    I’d love to thrown in a few verses here and there to describe what I think love is, inasmuch as it may sound a little bit out of place.
    Well, love is what is written in 1 Corinthians 13:1-8. Also check Matthew 7:12. I have absolutely firm belief in the two. Whatever type of love it be. Can I please get an Amen from the back-benchers…😁☺️☺️

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