How do you prove anything?
What is the evidence of all things untouchable?
The existence of things said but not seen,
When facts outdo belief.

I am in between the end and the starting point,
I am yet  to prove myself again,
What I stand for is only known to me,
I have to try and rewrite me all over again.

Like a thread I run on and on,
I build and create beauty,
But when I fail am cut off,
I have to start all over again.

With all the weight and guilt,
Without trust and broken relationships,
Nothing I stand for is believable,
I need to start again,

Sometimes in new environments,
Where  I cannot belong or feel normal,
So that I can be perseved to have a status,
But if truth is told, I am not worth any goodness unless I am consistent.

Same to the love I profess, 
Same to justice and its goodness when served,
Same to trust and the responsibilities it brings,
And many more beliefs that are true only when consistent,

Many are my starting points,
I have failed and keep failing in life,
I have failed in being just, trust I have betrayed time and again,
This life of mine is of second chances,

I would say perfection is beyond reach,
In life you need people who can hold you up when you cannot stand,
People who can always forgive and believe in you,
You need people who see the good in you when your face is guilt.

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