Now I realize it’s too late for me,
I traded peace and love,
I traded joy and freedom,
I now live to fight.

I walk among the worst,
Among the judged and left for dead,
I walk among those who have nothing to live for,
I live to fight every day for my life.

It is said I do not deserve respect,
My body is not mine but for the cane,
My mind is not mine but for the foolish,
It is a fight of misuse but I still am me.

I am at a point where time matters not,
Where life revolves with the same sluggish mode,
Time stops here like it’s not a part of the world.
But I am still alive and have to fight.

All I gained is nothing compared to my losses,
This I know every moment I am stay stuck in my regrets,
Every time I plead my case to get a second chance,
Though I have lost already, fighting is all I live for.

I discover myself in these times,
How unsteady I am with my principles,
Why am never firm and easily swayed?
To win these fights I have to change.

To stand by my beliefs,
To act according to the my truth,
To fear no loss of nothing beyond my reach,
To understand what I can and cannot control.

8 thoughts on “Servitude

    1. I have to fight to get get back what I lost
      Struggle to be what ought to be
      Fight……the only thing that now makes sense.

      .nice piece

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      1. We have to stand for what we believe in and act accordingly to our truth…
        Wonderful way to start the week, for some of us thats all we needed.
        Nice piece Edward.

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  1. all I’m doing is to fight for survival
    I want to breath but it’s not easy it’s not given
    I have to wake up every morning and fight for it
    Am I a captive? am I a slave? am I in bondage?

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  2. One day as I was traveling to the green city under the sun, I saw a quote written at the back of an overtaking probox “train hard, fight easy”
    Thanks dad

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