Relationships are hard,
Be they the right ones or wrong,
Thinking and doubt are always close,
And permance needs reassuring.

Right decision turn to pain,
Wrong ones offer the best pleasure,
Bad actions are for those closer to you,
And the best of you is for those out of reach.

Some points just feel like you have to give more,
More that you have to not fail when you are hurt,
To succeed when the one person you chose pulls down,
While doing all this you still not good enough.

Desire lives in the darkness of secret freedom,
An escape of thrill that destroys.
Perfection is sort and recognized from looks,
While the meaning of substance is lost.

Brokenness, from parents friends and lovers,
Form a you with so many pieces, childhood to adulthood,
Of joy and sadness, peace and war, love and hate,
That you can never bring yourself together.

Then years are spent,
Personalities change for better or worse,
Life turns on and off,
As memories haunt for life.
Do you have what it takes to serve your whole life?

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