I am the best love can offer,
I am not lovable to anyone else,
I am the beautiful thorny rose,
Only she knows both sides.

I am the definition of bittersweet,
A heart that can love and kill,
A selfish lover with dictatorial authority,
To rule not only her actions but her will too.

My memoirs are good and bad,
A cocktail of pain and pleasure,
A map leading a success to two failures,
I am a king and a betrayer of my queen.

My tongue speaks love and fires anger,
The same tongue reassures and causes pain,
Of love and I yearns for her,
Of sorrow when I put all blame on her.

If I am a burden to Jesus, imagine being in her shoes,
To be married to me is to give a blind eye to all my flaws,
It’s to hold my hand and guide me from my errors,
It’s work for only one woman and I have her already.
Like Jesus, she sees me for what I can become,
She sees the good and the potential for good.

Years have gone by and life has happened,
But I still give her butterflies with every touch,
She still sees love from my eyes,
We create joy and happiness like no other,
I know my value and we dance together,
Through life and beyond death,
I am hers and she is mine.


  1. Wow! What a piece! You’ve awesomely poured insight about the realities and experiences in marriage. Truly marriage is to enable one another fulfill his or her purpose in life and perfection of character. Working to make each other better everyday.

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  2. You guys understand each other perfectly well. She’s not an angel and neither are you, you’re both not flawless. And because of this, God has united you in love which I know it is written that it covers a multitude of sins.
    Thanks so much for this piece.

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