The Little Things…

Her feet always on top of mine,
We eat from the same plate,
We sit together her shoulders over mine,
We hold hands before and after Corona.

Pass me this from the kitchen,
Please close the doors before we sleep,
Thank you, the meal was sweet as always,
It is special every time you cook,
All this always ending with a kiss.
And that’s how we conquer love.

Wow! You look good just the way you are,
Smile for me and share your joy,
Let us take a walk together,
Talk to me about us.

To feel better is continuous,
It is a part of every role,
Small things matter,
They form a bed for when the cream has gone bad.
And that’s how we conquer love.

Come sit next to me,
Go warm the bed for me,
Massage my neck and back,
Let me know before you leave,

Take the garbage outside,
Wait I am almost ready,
Help me undo my hair,
Wash my hands and feet.
And that’s how we conquer love.

Stand next to me as I do the dishes,
Don’t give me your back,
Take a photo of me and a selfie of us,
Let me be the first.

You know I love you,
Come hold me tight,
Cover me I feel cold.
Carry me across we go to sleep.
And that’s how we conquer love.

10 thoughts on “The Little Things…

  1. πŸ‘πŸ‘nice work.. I love the way you portray love to be the small things. Those gestures that people take for granted. Si lazma ikuwe a big thing involving lots of money

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