Success Illusion

I can see good,
I love the glamor,
I love big dreams,
I love big goals.

I know failure,
I hate the pain,
I lack the energy,
Lazying by the day is comfortable.

I keep wishing,
When will I make it?
I wait for the big bang,
Thinking what I could do if I had ten million shillings,
With ideas of how to be successful.

Truth is I know not how,
Dreams work,
Goals are achieved,
And how to be wealthy.

I know not of the sacrifice,
Of the consistency and planning,
Of having a passion and focus,
And how to work on my failure.

I know not the impact of my daily lazying,
But every day I admire the good things,
I talk of other successful people,
I wish to have a pinch of what they have.

And when I am disappointed,
I cry to God for help,
And God say read my word,
Everything about wealth is written there.
But I am still left wandering up and down.

I have lost time with poor friends like me,
Just admiring, wishing and talking but doing nothing,
I have no concrete thought of what I could be,
I know not how dreams, goals and success work,
Failure, focus and fear put me where I am.

4 thoughts on “Success Illusion

  1. If the last words are rectified then it will be well as far as success is concerned. We should plan well, avoid fear and keep on trying in case we fail and above all invite God to take the lead. Great piece bro

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  2. Makes me think about ‘how to be afraid but to do it anyway’ & ‘mediocrity versus excellence’
    Yeah, Deuteronomy 8:18, its God who gives is the strength to make wealth.
    Thanks dad

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