Me looking to choose a voice;
My mind speaks,
My eyes suggest,
My heart commands.

My body reacts,
My energy is charged,
My emotions explain,
My spirit observes.

My addictions scream,
My discouragement present themselves,
My failure show their achievements,
I am left with a theory of encouragement.

Voices come from all over,
My friends pressure me,
Life pushes me,
It’s a tug of war.

When I mean to live it looks like I am surviving,
When I choose to shape up, I shape out,
The process is slow,
The channel to my power is alive.

My limitations are a voice,
But my evolution to success equally is,
As I keep off the doubt voices,
The challenge is to always choose the right voice.

3 thoughts on “Voices

  1. Choosing the right voice isn’t an easy task, one must consider all relevant factors. Merits and demerits that might arise after making the decision also have to be considered. Above all we need to seek God’s guidance.

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  2. Reminds me of a meme that used to trend i.e.
    Brain cell 1: Just say hello to her. It’s a good gesture.
    Brain cell 2: Good gesture my foot! Hit the nail on the head and ask for her number.
    Me: How much does fuel cost these sides (remember you don’t even have a car!)

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