Dear God as I liveth…

Make me this achieve,
Joseph with one experience knew you,
And lived only by your word,
With a belief so rare these days,
He drew his power from you.

Samson never fulfilled his purpose in life,
You created a man with so might none other has walked this earth,
With all the power and your guidance he still fell,
But God even in his last breath You answered his prayer,
No bad deed ever outshines our redemption.

I can’t match myself,
For I am weak of all these,
But your hand is always around me,
My path you guide even when I stray,
I struggle to comprehend these men.

For I am feeble, worse off than David,
And him you chose at a tender age,
Sanctified him, protected him as he rose to the top of the world,
Time and again he fell, and I relate to his fall,
As they are many than how I stand.

I cry for my sins,
I don’t know why they are so comfortable,
I pray for strength,
As I look at these transformation….

For Saul was a cruel murderer until he met You,
And Paul suffering to profess your name is unimaginable,
Whatever I go through can never match his suffering,
This change I crave for, for I’m stuck in the comfort of sin,
As I look, read and listen to these great men,
I stand worse and knowing You can never leave me.

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