Ooh how love is sweet when young,
All the adventure that await,
How it feels pure,
And the smiles are brightest.

When every simple act is perfect,
Every look is impressive,
A feeling of tranquility,
And time is never enough.

Every word is true,
Every thought is positive,
Every moment is a better promise,
Wishes are a real reality.

Goosebumps with every touch,
That leaves memories,
Which trigger a need for more,
And you are swept off your feet


World! Please know my mama told me I was special.
It might be not enough for you but it is for me,
It can be a weaknesses to you but it gives me strength,
It may mean I lose from time to time.

Your toughness is but to be wrecked,
For you to make me strong I have to lose my soul,
But what mama said is always in my heart,
Your people come and go like how you change.

World! Your lessons are biased,
Favoring the ruthless and causing affliction,
You show no love or care,
Your children are not like mama’s.

You have killed my dreams,
My passion is faded as I malfunction,
My thoughts are heavier, you give no room to breathe,
But there is more you cannot change.

I am honest and special,
Family is my strength,
I will be kind to everyone,
I believe and have faith in me,
Greatness is about not giving up,
Life can be lovely.


Forgiveness is to love,
What breathe is to life,
Life is a composition of ups and downs,
Love is a chemistry of pain and pleasure.

Truth does not only build trust,
Obedience only does not show discipline,
Trust grows to with understanding of weakness,
Discipline thrives with the struggle of keeping the law.

Maturity is not only age,
And youth is not only energy,
Wisdom is not only gained by experience,
Practicing even when you fail brings you closer to perfection.

Life has no rule book,
Love has no perfect path,
Humanity is best defined by helping each other,
Overcoming is best felt from failure.

Know You

Every seen the mighty lion cry?
Ever seen a bear love a monkey?
Or a tiger back off a fight he can win?
And an elephants can help but be big.

Know yourself,
Focus on your strengths,
Build from your weaknesses,
Have passion and grit.
Or are animals better than humans?

Believe there is more you do not know,
Knowledge has no end,
But with wisdom you can act right,
So be brave.

God Gives

God gave me life,
It was pure,
I grew up,
And poked hole in it.

I starved my spirit,
I miss used my mind,
I lived by my flesh,
And my conscience deemed.

God gave me love,
I was pure,
I caused it to hurt,
I broke the heart that loved me.

With my impure character,
I tainted her judgment,
She became insecure,
And her desires diminished,
Her life faded away,
As she saw me as another cancer in her life.

God gave me trust,
It was pure,
But my lies killed it,
I betrayed and caused jealousy,
Trust turned sore to date.

I sit in the middle of my present night,
Wondering how I caused pain out of blessings?
How I gained losses out of my wins?
With every good I have caused bad,
Every opportunity I have changed to a curse.

A blessed being I was,
Cherished more than the angles,
Your will I defiled,
I pray do not leave me Lord.


A warrior in life,
Burgaining with the urge to quit,
The path to peace is not always war,
But the opposite of war is a change from within.

To be true in life,
Is invisible,
It’s fruits are not immediate,
But its power is a result we all need.

To be courageous in life,
Is more than muscle,
It is a patient skill,
It’s result is worth peace of mind.

To know these is okay,
To experience needs more than knowledge,
To act, speak and feel requires wisdom,
A taste of these is more than victory.

And victory is all we want in life,
To be more than the bills we pay,
To be more that we look like,
But humans have no end with wanting more.


I want peace,
Sometimes means not interacting with life,
But I do not want death,
I think, what if I had no part to play.

But the silence I need,
Only death can provide,
To not think nor be troubled,
Not to recall my past.

To forget every wrong step,
To not live the consequences,
How peaceful can this be?
And still be a memory to love.

It is the only thing keeping me going,
I am alive for them than love me,
That someone is counting on me to be alive,
But between good and evil I am weighed down.

The day light is darker than the night,
I feel better asleep and not dreaming,
When the sun comes up,
It awakens troubles.

My path has never been this narrow,
I am not aware what I am capable of,
I wish to fall off the string of life,
I feel worse as worthy friends go and I am still standing.

What it feels inside me,
Is not known to me,
All I have done has got me here.

What wakes you up?

Very morning there is a struggle,
A specific time to wake up,
With a reason or without,
But up it is the only way to start the day.

Some wake up because they are employed,
Some have wake up because there is no more sleep,
Some are woken up by pain or disease,
To some being up is dreadful.

Life is a line of chaos,
It’s suffering and malevolence,
It’s ineradicable at its core,
Be armed with virtues.

There is a beauty known to very few,
The power to wake up and go after your goals,
Because most of us choose the line of least resistance,
And sometimes this means sleeping the whole day.

To have a mind that is focused,
That is programed to deliver as you request,
While having a sustaining meaning,
And know up in your head you have a super computer.

That only achieve what you set out to achieve,
If it’s to sleep you will sleep and have reasons,
But then you will never achieve any goal,
Try something new and rewire your mind.

Create a clear image of what you want,
Change your perspective,
Start with small changes,
Do different.


Me looking to choose a voice;
My mind speaks,
My eyes suggest,
My heart commands.

My body reacts,
My energy is charged,
My emotions explain,
My spirit observes.

My addictions scream,
My discouragement present themselves,
My failure show their achievements,
I am left with a theory of encouragement.

Voices come from all over,
My friends pressure me,
Life pushes me,
It’s a tug of war.

When I mean to live it looks like I am surviving,
When I choose to shape up, I shape out,
The process is slow,
The channel to my power is alive.

My limitations are a voice,
But my evolution to success equally is,
As I keep off the doubt voices,
The challenge is to always choose the right voice.