A price you pay to live,
A price life will pay nothing more,
A path with no extreme,
Average is for the follower and the sheep.

It’s a point I have found myself,
Wondering why I cannot do more than enough,
Settling for the minimum requirements always,
I cannot even speak any language fluently,

How then can I overcome the tests of life?
How can I overcome despair?
When I have no energy to specialize,
If I cannot focus on any goal and achieve it.

I have been a statistic of the crowd,
How can I stand out when I am timid?
If I cannot speak my mind,
If I care about what the crowd will say,

Thinking is hard and to take action is even harder,
The crowd is always judging and wishing,
I want to be part of the 2% that flourish,
I want the crowd to shout out my name.

I feel the leader spirit in me,
But am dependant on the crowd’s opinion,
The crowd is full of only critics,
Who know not what is right for them?

Hi! Leader spirit I want you,
I want to grow you and put off all others;
Fire the average in all skill,
Fire the average in love and health,
I want to stand out in all areas of life.

I want to teach you passion,
To love myself and scare off the crowd,
To be still focused when they chew me alive,
I want to serve my conscious and subconscious mind.