Beautiful Humans..

What is beautiful? I ask?
Are people beautiful as they look?
Is it how we talk or think?
What pleasure do you call beautiful?

If you google beauty you see faces,
You see perishable body,
You see content for the majority,
Where does that leave humanity?

I say beauty is in caring and sharing,
To be human is more than how you look,
It is to be a part of a society or clan,
It is to produce a care that is beautiful.

I say beauty is in loving unconditionally,
A love that is boundless of colour,
A love that is equitable to all,
A love that is responsible in all blessings.

I say beauty is in every action we take,
That  goes forth to create an infectious good,
Even in suffering we act without jealousy,
Absorb less but bring out more beauty.

In every revenge exists a choice to behold and love,
In every jealous thought exists a thread of care,
The energy that hates is the same we love with.
If only it had a chance to expressed beauty.

Only by love is love awakened,
Only by care is care extended,
Only by sweetness is sweetness propagated.