The pain of a parent burying a child is unbearable,
But how does it feel for a son to bury his father?
What tears can make the pain bearable?
What answers to vast questions can give comfort?

How is life to be experienced with none of his advice?
I can only imagine how it feels to stand at such a grave,
I can ask my father now how he felt when it was his time,
But I cannot see a way to be okay without his guidance.

Which friends can fill the gap?
What unity can brave anyone for life so scary?
What time does heal such brokenness?
What will that death mean when I am alive?
How can I overcome the fear and pain in this darkness?

There is no way to describe the terror,
The uncertainty that comes with the of death of a father,
The changes it brings to miss a person who defended you,
Not forgetting the betrayals that await you.

What emotional intelligence is required?
Age never prepares you to face such panic,
Education is of no help, you cannot learn to carry such grief,
Finances are no cure, you cannot pay to not feel.
Attending funerals is no safety net.

Standing before his grave not ready to say bye,
While all loved ones are breaking down and you have nowhere to lean on.
Where does strength come from?
How do peace and comfort continue?

What’s next after all the agony and tears?
I can only hope the future will be bearable,
For any son burying his father,
He is to fit his shoes from now henceforth.