The difference that creates positive or negative,
That which defines comfort and pleasure,
The facts are to go beyond or just stay there.
I am left wondering how best to use change!

Why every improvement in life needs change?
Why every decision takes a bit of me?
To sink in deep and far off from rescue,
Or to rise above and conqure myself.

Is being just myself ever enough?
When I am not fully accepted until I act as required,
But what happens when myself is a lazy shell of what I could become?
Then change is what I need to be me.

With every step I sharpen a behavior,
With every decision I create a character,
With every thought I change or I don’t,
These can help my progress or make it a nightmare.

I hide not to face fear and disappointment,
If only I could speak and defend my beliefs,
I can taste the freedom that come with change.
The ability to be one in my all areas of life.

Above all there still exists a difference,
That I succumb not only to society pressure,
But to my natural self that is in my DNA,
That all the efforts to exempt me from a certain fate are all leading me to the same fate.
And I am yet to live as me.
Change is all I face in this life.