Covid-19, Living 2020.

A pandemic for the living generation,
That all nations are struggling to control,
The poor say it is a rich man disease,
The young say they are immune, it is for the old.
But this deadly virus knows no rank.

Only simple things are the blessing here,
Washing your hands is a life saving act,
A simple act of hygiene can protect the family,
It can break the chain of spreading the virus.
Quarantining oneself helps the family, neighbours and the community.

Please note that fear kills more than the plague.
And the feeling of losing a loved one is a very true fact every minute.
What is happening is beyond our worst imagination.
Death is now likened to breathing daily.

Please be careful for yourself and more so for those who love you,
Simple rules of washing hands and staying home are the hope we have,
This is a fight with an enemy you cannot see or touch,
No nuclear weapons can solve this.

Stay Home.
Stay Safe.