Dear Wife

A decision was made, of which I was least deserving,
I call a decision because they tried to have it changed,
But her mind was made up, all she needs was me,
That is a feeling I can never describe, feels like a melting heart.
It’s more than joy, it’s passion defined, its the source of my life.

She was created with greatness in her blood of life,
The best of me she will always see even when I don’t show,
A top achiever with genius brains and intellect morals,
Love for her is not a risk, even when I was a big risk,
But her source of power to shape me out of my weakness.

Push her to the wall she will still smile and offer to help you.
Positivity is her first impression, from when she was young.
Focused in challenges, a guide you need in this jungle of life.
Strength you can embrace when you feel like letting go of everything,
Giving up is not in her path, she is patient with a love I never knew.

My best definition of a mother who loves and protects.
I wish I was that son to always be held in her arms unharmed.
To always have a permanent assurance of love and mothering.
To be taught life’s lessons from the best second to God,
Yes, second from God, whom she learns from every day.

Even in her boldness, the fear of God comes first.
One who understands the Love of Christ, as a shield in life.
She corrects me for Christ first, then makes me pledge for us.
She teaches the law of kindness and wisdom all the time.
The work of her hand is said to be artistic in itself.

Her life is always a light I can follow in my darkest moments.
She taught me true love and care which is more than being a man.
I find the best of me in her because our lives always converge.
I always know am not alone my love is complete with her.
Yes, she will still love me cause she is the one I love.

In my old age in that wheelchair it’s her I want to stand beside me,
Looking back and celebrating our children and grandchildren,
Celebrating good health and virtues in old age together.
Her leadership is one I can depend on to shape our legacy.
Yes, she will still love me cause she is the one I love

I will still choose you when you are old and you can’t walk upright.
You will still feed me and I will wash your feet.
It is a powerful feeling to know this now as we are young.
A kind of focus that makes our relationship of one mind.
Yes, she will still love me cause she is the one I love.

We will prove the one famous theory that has served us through the years.
Three words, two people, one feeling, ‘I love you’
Because we will give it our all even when things are hard.
Yes, I love you my life’s mentor so much it is in my blood.
Three words, Two People, One Feeling, “I Love You”