What is it you do and you are good at?
Education and academics have chosen their geniuses,
Like if you not chosen you not good at either,
I know of people who even after putting all their efforts,
Failure and anger is what they embraced.

But think deeply of something in life,
That you are really bad at,
And see if there is someone who makes you look good at it,
Think of all your areas of life.

What of your personality?
Are you fully responsible for it?
Or is it pegged on something or someone?
What of your status is it because of your family name?

I ask this question and reflect,
The kind of friends I keep,
The kind of relationship I invest in,
And my strength and weaknesses.

I accept my mistakes as I show off my success,
But how are all these made possible?
Where am I to improve and who is by my side?

To define you, your purpose and content,
Know what and who you are made of.
Mining from what you take and flourishing from what you give.
We are a sum of ourselves and our surroundings.