I am not just male or female,
It is not enough to define me a such,
My life and being is so much more.
And I get better as I increase in age.

For male or female is just a hardware,
Whose ability is weak to run itself and
To be consistent and improve by the day,
To sustain life and live as a proper being.

Let it be known that these are shells,
Which need specific and specialized attributes,
Which should be the definition of man and woman,
These attributes are the software that run the hardware.

Have understanding and embrace love,
Know yourself and control your emotions,
Be cautious and think in every action,
In problems think solution and be part of the solution.

A soul and mind that works patience,
A heart that is fashion with love and understanding,
Hands that can build anything to perfection.
And a spirit that is constantly fed righteousness.

Male or female are but carriers,
Being a man or a woman is the role.
Woman know your worth.
Man know your ability.

Life is necessary,
We all have hardware.
Living is a choice,
Our software defines us.