God Gives

God gave me life,
It was pure,
I grew up,
And poked hole in it.

I starved my spirit,
I miss used my mind,
I lived by my flesh,
And my conscience deemed.

God gave me love,
I was pure,
I caused it to hurt,
I broke the heart that loved me.

With my impure character,
I tainted her judgment,
She became insecure,
And her desires diminished,
Her life faded away,
As she saw me as another cancer in her life.

God gave me trust,
It was pure,
But my lies killed it,
I betrayed and caused jealousy,
Trust turned sore to date.

I sit in the middle of my present night,
Wondering how I caused pain out of blessings?
How I gained losses out of my wins?
With every good I have caused bad,
Every opportunity I have changed to a curse.

A blessed being I was,
Cherished more than the angles,
Your will I defiled,
I pray do not leave me Lord.