I am allowed.

I don’t walk in righteousness all the time,
I don’t pray as often as I should,
My spirit is fed only once a week.
But the will of God in me never stops.

It never changes and is always with me,
I may not qualify always,
I may wonder miles off,
But His will is always with me.

I may seek what I think is right,
But His protection is still with me,
I may curse and forget He exists,
But His will is that I prosper.

Even when I am accused by the devil,
I am still a son of God,
Even when I am backstabbed,
His will for me never changes.

The devil says I am worth death,
Even when the law required I die,
God sent His son on my behalf,
That I may not face eternal death.

I share this understanding,
For me never to forget,
For other never to doubt His will,
For all to know He is always present.

I am allowed to exist
I am allowed to prosper,
I am allowed to breathe,
Because it’s His will that I do.