My Back…

Where I push all my fears to,
Where I want my past to be,
What I chose to give mine enemies,
To inspire them to hurt me even more.

But I should care for my back,
I should strengthen my ultimate defense
For me to never to give up,
For me to never lose any part of me.

It’s what I should protect like I do my face,
It’s what I should give to all I trust,
To help protect and nature.
To carry all my righteousness and not recklessness.
To overcome revenge and spread healing.

How I know you been hurt,
Betrayed by those you trusted,
Your Scars are like a painting,
And the worst of time it is you and me against the wall,
But you choose the lessons from every failure.

You choose to give second chances,
You choose to see the good in people especially your companions,
Your personality is what gives you beauty,
You choose to overcome always than to despair.
You choose to show love and mercy for the longest time.