Grow up I never knew your strength,
Time passed I never educated you,
Life went on I never knew your potential,
You lost battles you could have won.

Then I realized I had you by my side,
But my experiences had taught you weaknesses,
And time had taught you you will always heal,
And my mind will always compromise.

How do I pull out of the shadows?
How can I make you effective after you so lost?
How can I make you rule all other?
How can I enrich your emotions and spirit?

To undo your default teachings,
To bring you back to purity,
To undo your sinful passions,
To enable your blessings.

Your path has never been easy,
Life, love, and faith have all tasted sour,
You have seen no hope throughout,
And you decided to adapt and survive.

Brokenness taught you paying back is sweet,
Lonely taught you to be unfaithful,
Love taught you no joy or peace but pain and fighting within,
And you pushed on to hurt and not to care.

I am taking you back,
I am taking control again,
I am teaching you best virtues,
You are not alone and no fear rules you.

We are taking it a day at a time,
Your light will shine in my darkness as the best of me,
You will never drown in anything as you grow with every beat,
You will not be selfish and still follow your rules,
You are the evidence I am so ALIVE and FREE.