They said to my younger self.
Education is the key to success!
To my sister, they taught,
Education is the husband that will not divorce you.
But what is life with that education?

How do chemistry and physics help me live?
Even biology does not help me in times of stress.
I was caned when I failed, that I was a fool.
But in life failure is the best teacher.
Good grades do not guarantee a good life.

I wish I was taught to overcome fear and take up challenges.
But no, I was taught to memorize and spit out on a pen and paper.
My brain was like a robot, to take instruction and to follow.
My genius was called dump so that I could belong to the masses.
We all get an education to be employed and serve the government.

I submit that the system is corrupt.
Our children can be anything they what to be.
School and education are partly scammed.
The path to a successful life is hidden to us from childhood.
We are shaped to be slaves to the system.

Imagine having a free mind with no fear of impossibilities.
One that takes up knowledge and is not limited.
Because that is what our brains are capable of.
But we are corrupted to believe otherwise.
To be dependent on an education system.

We are viewed as a product and a workforce.
Masses are unemployed but masses still flock university gates.
After which a fraction works for school dropouts and others lay wasted.
What then, with a limited brain, we cannot think for ourselves?
What is life at such a point?

See a list of school dropouts who beat the odds and succeeded;
Steve Jobs
Billy Gates
Henry Ford
Charles Schwab

There are two kinds of knowledge, Specialised and General,
Faculties and universities posses every general knowledge
They specialize in teaching but not the organization or use of knowledge.
Knowledge will not accumulate money unless it is organized and directed for that purpose.
Knowledge is not power, it’s potential power.

I am not saying schooling is wrong.
But poor grades are not the end of life.
All brains have equal potential to face life and succeed.
Do not be limited to your education.
There are seven forms of earning a living, Education is but one of them.