What If?

I endeavour to know life,
To know all the best of life,
To be boundless in mind and spirit,
To conquer the best of virtues.

To know no feeling of fear.
To know no feeling enfeeblement.
To have no feeling of indiviousness.
To conquer the best of virtues.

Life they say is like a seesaw,
When you’re up that is the good and happy times,
When you’re down that is the bad and disappointment reign,
But I conquer the best of virtues.

To define my freedoms,
To have a specialised knowledge of my choice,
To have a career of my choice,
To live a life beyond paying bills.

What would life be like if only good existed?
What heights of achievements would humans reach?
Imagine a life with no pain for anyone,
Imagine such an existence among humans.

All the good in life are contagious,
An expression of kindness can be heard by the deaf,
Love can be seen by the blind,
The sun speaks of charity to all.

I can see the good in people,
I can see commiseration in all,
I can understand boundaries do not define us,
I can believe colour is neither strength nor weakness.