Now I realize it’s too late for me,
I traded peace and love,
I traded joy and freedom,
I now live to fight.

I walk among the worst,
Among the judged and left for dead,
I walk among those who have nothing to live for,
I live to fight every day for my life.

It is said I do not deserve respect,
My body is not mine but for the cane,
My mind is not mine but for the foolish,
It is a fight of misuse but I still am me.

I am at a point where time matters not,
Where life revolves with the same sluggish mode,
Time stops here like it’s not a part of the world.
But I am still alive and have to fight.

All I gained is nothing compared to my losses,
This I know every moment I am stay stuck in my regrets,
Every time I plead my case to get a second chance,
Though I have lost already, fighting is all I live for.

I discover myself in these times,
How unsteady I am with my principles,
Why am never firm and easily swayed?
To win these fights I have to change.

To stand by my beliefs,
To act according to the my truth,
To fear no loss of nothing beyond my reach,
To understand what I can and cannot control.