Success Illusion

I can see good,
I love the glamor,
I love big dreams,
I love big goals.

I know failure,
I hate the pain,
I lack the energy,
Lazying by the day is comfortable.

I keep wishing,
When will I make it?
I wait for the big bang,
Thinking what I could do if I had ten million shillings,
With ideas of how to be successful.

Truth is I know not how,
Dreams work,
Goals are achieved,
And how to be wealthy.

I know not of the sacrifice,
Of the consistency and planning,
Of having a passion and focus,
And how to work on my failure.

I know not the impact of my daily lazying,
But every day I admire the good things,
I talk of other successful people,
I wish to have a pinch of what they have.

And when I am disappointed,
I cry to God for help,
And God say read my word,
Everything about wealth is written there.
But I am still left wandering up and down.

I have lost time with poor friends like me,
Just admiring, wishing and talking but doing nothing,
I have no concrete thought of what I could be,
I know not how dreams, goals and success work,
Failure, focus and fear put me where I am.