What Thinking Creates

Strength is but in thought before muscle,
Practice is thinking and rethinking,
Power is belief in a thought to control.

Good exists because we think so,
Evil we struggle to resist because we know it’s power,
Secrets we pin down in thought to protect those we love.

We accept the prison because we know nothing else,
We deny our potential in thought and it becomes reality,
Fear kills more than plague because thought is powerful.

We fight and create enemies in thought,
Willpower serves to support thought,
Problem of colour exists because we think it does.

Is a protected man weak or his thoughts make him so,
Not aware of any enemy but an uncertain future,
How does he win against a silent enemy is the question.

In thought we love and make decisions that support it,
To be free and dwelling on your failure starts from thought,
Things are created twice, in thought then in the world.

Needs and wants are different because we think they are,
A man’s heart can be dark because he thinks so,
Change is difficult because it’s thinking differently.

To be a father or mother, husband or a wife,a king or queen,
Is a mindset or responsibilities and decisions,
Those who have given up this important roles can confirm.

The world is full of questions and culture,
Questions further discovery in thought,
Culture sustains our diversity,
God thought then spoke and they were created.
All are made in thought. What is in your head?