What wakes you up?

Very morning there is a struggle,
A specific time to wake up,
With a reason or without,
But up it is the only way to start the day.

Some wake up because they are employed,
Some have wake up because there is no more sleep,
Some are woken up by pain or disease,
To some being up is dreadful.

Life is a line of chaos,
It’s suffering and malevolence,
It’s ineradicable at its core,
Be armed with virtues.

There is a beauty known to very few,
The power to wake up and go after your goals,
Because most of us choose the line of least resistance,
And sometimes this means sleeping the whole day.

To have a mind that is focused,
That is programed to deliver as you request,
While having a sustaining meaning,
And know up in your head you have a super computer.

That only achieve what you set out to achieve,
If it’s to sleep you will sleep and have reasons,
But then you will never achieve any goal,
Try something new and rewire your mind.

Create a clear image of what you want,
Change your perspective,
Start with small changes,
Do different.