When we first met…

When I first met you,
I must admit there is a lot I did not know,
About myself or you or about us,
I did not know what we will create.

I did not know your composition,
The complexity of your beauty,
And its sharp edges of jealousy,
I though I knew what I wanted.

Just by beholding with my eyes,
I was convinced it was you,
I was confident to make you follow my lead,
There are things I can change from when we first met.

When we first met, I lied a lot,
I was not sure you would want the real me,
I lied about my age, my status and how cool I was,
But having known you I know lying was weak of me.

Years down the line now,
Sometimes I ask why did we meet?
Then life happened,
And we have evolved to this.

Seeing the changes I have made,
How firm you have always stood by my side,
The meaning of what we are is now,
And we continue to define us further as we grow.

Lest I forget the lessons you have taught me,
Seeing you become a woman from a girl I once met,
The knowledge and substance of what we have created.
It could not be made possible by me just being a man.
You had to be there.

I could not choose anyone else,
To have spent the time with.
To have to spend the rest of my time with.
Loving you is healing me.