There are days I have lived,
Days I know not seconds of,
That passed like a flash,
Like I was never alive.

Days I could have used,
To ameliorate myself,
To restore myself,
I would be my higher self now.

I wish I could go back,
To have the time in my hands,
To undo my past worst deeds,
To live with the knowledge I have now.

But the impossibility I know,
And my present is running so fast,
I do not know how to control time,
I know what to do but I don’t.

My present weighed down by weaknesses,
Like the best of me is just undesirable,
Like I have no energy to live,
And I know in future I will regret today.

I wish for a brighter future,
I wish for a more comfortable life,
I wish for my higher self,
I wish to be alive now how I could be in the future.

Wish is a theory in thought,
Wish makes me covet for what I have not,
Wish has no action and time stops not,
Wish is for the lazy persona.